A Miracle from the Baseball Gods

I thought it was over. Heck, I think everyone thought it was over. When Perez hit that ball, and it rolled innocently to Perez, my heart dropped. For a second I thought the Royals would be able to squeeze one out against the Jays. 

Then the miracle happened. Reyes throws the error, and Dyson runs home. Tie game. Infante drives in the go-ahead runs in the tenth, and the Royals win. You can’t write a script like that. A dreadful Royals team beating the red hot Blue Jays? Yeah right. But it happened, by a stroke of luck. 

This win is more than just a win. It’s a boost of confidence, and a boost of momentum. It’s what this team needs right now, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As I said yesterday, these next 14 games will be the most important all season. The Royals started them off on the right foot. 

Don’t be too naive though. Yes, this was a great win. It was exciting. It was what the fans wanted. But it won’t mean anything if the Royals don’t continue to win. 

What the fans need to see now is smart baseball. Smart at-bats, hits with RISP, and homeruns. We’ve all seen how important homeruns are. 

You can attribute last night’s improved offensive performance to whatever you want. A new hitting coach, a new road trip, or a new sense of optimism from the players. Whatever the case, it’s something to build upon. A performance that could be the launching pad to the turnaround this team needs. 

Last night, the Royals got a miracle from the Baseball Gods. Now it’s time to return the favor, and start playing baseball. 


Really Dirty Brooms, and the Month of May

Man, that was an ugly series. Outscored 21-5 by the…..Houston Astros? Surely there is something wrong with that statistic. Or maybe not.

Fans knew this team was mediocre, but surely nobody saw this coming. Already two games down to the Astros, you’d think that these players would find something in them to fight back and ‘salvage’ the series. Instead, the Astros crushed them in car compactor.

There was no special formula or analytics or any kind of shenanigans that had to be calculated in order to beat the Royals. The Astros simply played better baseball. Their pitchers were solid, and their offense was explosive. That’s something Royals fans have been longing to see. Too bad it came from the Astros instead.

The Astros marched into Kansas City, and swept us off the dirt, taking with them a ton of ugly, dirty brooms back to Houston.

As the Royals begin a very long and hard road stretch, the clock is ticking. Time is running out for this team to make a turnaround, and if not here, not anywhere. It’s a hard reality to face, but the next 14 games will play the biggest role on this team for the rest of the season.

A losing record, and no playoff hopes for this ugly bunch. A winning record, and maybe you’ve got a shot at second place in the division and a wildcard spot. This is the toughest stretch of games the Royals will face all season, and it’s what will determine the entire season.

Oh, by the way, the Royals record in May thus far?

10-16. (3 games left)

Their 2013 May record?


If the Royals have a kryptonite, it’s the month of May.

A Sigh of Relief

I think just about every fan in Kansas City was holding their breath last night after Ventura made an early exit from the game. He is our star developmental pitcher after all. 

The MRI results were negative today, leaving everyone breathing a giant sigh of relief. It’s safe to say that Ventura is the future of Royals pitching, and Tommy John surgery at this point in the season would be the nail in the coffin. 

Despite the fact that Ventura has had an underwhelming start to the season (2-5) what he has shown is promise. Promise that he can truly become a great pitcher in not only the AL, but possible the MLB as a whole. All he has to do is stay healthy. 

With Ventura out one week, I honestly don’t know who is going to take his spot in the rotation. Sure, I could look it up and find out, but it wouldn’t matter. Nobody is worth what Ventura is worth. 

More importantly, where in the hell is the offense at? It was squandered yet again last night in the horrendous 9-2 loss. The bullpen showed yet again how much they suck, and the offense wasn’t any better. I’m still waiting for a breakthrough from Gordon, Hosmer and Butler. Right now, I’d say they’re this team’s only hope of having a nice turn around. 

I’m not too excited to see the rest of the Houston series, but who knows. Maybe the Royals will surprise us all. 

Another Disappointing Loss, and a Ned Yost Blunder

Normally these types of losses get easier to deal with each time it happens. You just brush it off, say ‘whatever’ and move on. But not this time. Not during this season. 

After the Royals 4-3 loss to the Angels today, I kept thinking how this team could be doing great things. How they could be competing for a division title this year. Then I think about how they are blowing every single opportunity they get. 

Today it was relief pitching, after Kelvin Herrera and Tim Collins blew a 3-0 lead that Jason Vargas was able to maintain. Sure, Vargas didn’t have his best stuff today, but the offense was doing enough to give him some cushion. That all ended in the 7th inning. 

This brings me to Ned Yost, and his blunder today. Actually, two blunders. The first came in the first inning when he challenged a play that wasn’t worth challenging. The second blunder was taking out Vargas in the seventh. 

It wasn’t like Vargas had the bases loaded with no outs. There was a runner on first, and he just struck out a batter. One out, and the potential for a double play. And Yost pulls him. And the bullpen blows it. 

We’ve raved all year about this stellar starting rotation, and Vargas did just enough today to keep the Angels off the board. The bullpen has been sub-par, save for Greg Holland. Too many times have we seen a fantastic outing squandered by the bullpen. 

This loss put the Royals put the Royals below .500 yet again, and made Ned even more hated than before. It’s safe to say that I am not a fan. Let’s just hope the team can turn it around against the MLB-worst Houston Astros in this upcoming short home-stand. 

Check back tomorrow for an Angels series recap, and Astros series preview. 

Happy Memorial Day!

The Struggle of Satellite

Before I continue further with any opinions and thoughts, I figure I should probably provide you with some crucial information. 

I haven’t watched a single Royals game all season. 

I know you think I’m crazy, but at least give me the chance to explain. Our DirecTV package doesn’t include FoxSports Midwest. Sure, I could just upgrade to the package that does, but I don’t think my father would approve. Of course, I’m sure he wouldn’t even notice if I did. 

Thus, I am forced to listen to the games on the radio, which we all know just isn’t the same experience. You can only listen to Denny Matthews so many times before you start to fall asleep. As much I love the guy, sometimes a little TV coverage would be awesome for me. 

I hope there are those out there who share this same struggle with me, and can at least feel a little bit of sympathy. If not, that’s alright. I’ll still be giving my opinions on the Royals. Check back soon for some Chiefs coverage as well. I’ll be going over all of the draft picks, as well as providing my season record prediction. Exciting, I know.