It Was Only a Matter of Time

I can’t say I’m surprised that Moose was demoted. I’m not sure anybody was surprised, really. Most fans knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when, not if. 

Maybe it came a little bit late and wasn’t the smoothest process, but it came nonetheless. Moose was struggling–has been struggling, since the beginning of the season. It was clear that he hadn’t yet recovered from the slump he entered near the end of last season, and there weren’t much signs of hope either. 

This demotion doesn’t have to mean the end of the world for Moose though. This demotion means quite the opposite, actually. It means a chance to regroup, rethink, and rebuild a guy who had more pressure placed on him than the fish living at the bottom of the ocean. Moose was supposed to be the cornerstone of a newly rebuilt franchise–and could possibly still be–but hasn’t yet lived up to those expectations. Maybe they were too high to begin with. 

What matters about this demotion is how Moose responds to it. We’ve seen players respond well before, as both Alex Gordon and Billy Butler used their time in the minors to improve. Nobody knows how long Moose will spend in the minors, but Dayton Moore will be looking at him with plenty of scrutiny, as he should. 

For now, the Royals are still as bad as they were yesterday. Moose isn’t the only problem to this offense, and this team needs to figure it out quick. Currently 6.5 GB from the Tigers, it’s going to take quite a bit of work to catch. The Tigers work efficiently, and don’t commit too many mistakes.

The baseball season may be a marathon, but right now the Royals are making it seem like a sprint. It’s time they slow down the pace, and start playing baseball. 

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