The Struggle of Satellite

Before I continue further with any opinions and thoughts, I figure I should probably provide you with some crucial information. 

I haven’t watched a single Royals game all season. 

I know you think I’m crazy, but at least give me the chance to explain. Our DirecTV package doesn’t include FoxSports Midwest. Sure, I could just upgrade to the package that does, but I don’t think my father would approve. Of course, I’m sure he wouldn’t even notice if I did. 

Thus, I am forced to listen to the games on the radio, which we all know just isn’t the same experience. You can only listen to Denny Matthews so many times before you start to fall asleep. As much I love the guy, sometimes a little TV coverage would be awesome for me. 

I hope there are those out there who share this same struggle with me, and can at least feel a little bit of sympathy. If not, that’s alright. I’ll still be giving my opinions on the Royals. Check back soon for some Chiefs coverage as well. I’ll be going over all of the draft picks, as well as providing my season record prediction. Exciting, I know. 

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