Another Disappointing Loss, and a Ned Yost Blunder

Normally these types of losses get easier to deal with each time it happens. You just brush it off, say ‘whatever’ and move on. But not this time. Not during this season. 

After the Royals 4-3 loss to the Angels today, I kept thinking how this team could be doing great things. How they could be competing for a division title this year. Then I think about how they are blowing every single opportunity they get. 

Today it was relief pitching, after Kelvin Herrera and Tim Collins blew a 3-0 lead that Jason Vargas was able to maintain. Sure, Vargas didn’t have his best stuff today, but the offense was doing enough to give him some cushion. That all ended in the 7th inning. 

This brings me to Ned Yost, and his blunder today. Actually, two blunders. The first came in the first inning when he challenged a play that wasn’t worth challenging. The second blunder was taking out Vargas in the seventh. 

It wasn’t like Vargas had the bases loaded with no outs. There was a runner on first, and he just struck out a batter. One out, and the potential for a double play. And Yost pulls him. And the bullpen blows it. 

We’ve raved all year about this stellar starting rotation, and Vargas did just enough today to keep the Angels off the board. The bullpen has been sub-par, save for Greg Holland. Too many times have we seen a fantastic outing squandered by the bullpen. 

This loss put the Royals put the Royals below .500 yet again, and made Ned even more hated than before. It’s safe to say that I am not a fan. Let’s just hope the team can turn it around against the MLB-worst Houston Astros in this upcoming short home-stand. 

Check back tomorrow for an Angels series recap, and Astros series preview. 

Happy Memorial Day!

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