A Sigh of Relief

I think just about every fan in Kansas City was holding their breath last night after Ventura made an early exit from the game. He is our star developmental pitcher after all. 

The MRI results were negative today, leaving everyone breathing a giant sigh of relief. It’s safe to say that Ventura is the future of Royals pitching, and Tommy John surgery at this point in the season would be the nail in the coffin. 

Despite the fact that Ventura has had an underwhelming start to the season (2-5) what he has shown is promise. Promise that he can truly become a great pitcher in not only the AL, but possible the MLB as a whole. All he has to do is stay healthy. 

With Ventura out one week, I honestly don’t know who is going to take his spot in the rotation. Sure, I could look it up and find out, but it wouldn’t matter. Nobody is worth what Ventura is worth. 

More importantly, where in the hell is the offense at? It was squandered yet again last night in the horrendous 9-2 loss. The bullpen showed yet again how much they suck, and the offense wasn’t any better. I’m still waiting for a breakthrough from Gordon, Hosmer and Butler. Right now, I’d say they’re this team’s only hope of having a nice turn around. 

I’m not too excited to see the rest of the Houston series, but who knows. Maybe the Royals will surprise us all. 

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