A Miracle from the Baseball Gods

I thought it was over. Heck, I think everyone thought it was over. When Perez hit that ball, and it rolled innocently to Perez, my heart dropped. For a second I thought the Royals would be able to squeeze one out against the Jays. 

Then the miracle happened. Reyes throws the error, and Dyson runs home. Tie game. Infante drives in the go-ahead runs in the tenth, and the Royals win. You can’t write a script like that. A dreadful Royals team beating the red hot Blue Jays? Yeah right. But it happened, by a stroke of luck. 

This win is more than just a win. It’s a boost of confidence, and a boost of momentum. It’s what this team needs right now, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As I said yesterday, these next 14 games will be the most important all season. The Royals started them off on the right foot. 

Don’t be too naive though. Yes, this was a great win. It was exciting. It was what the fans wanted. But it won’t mean anything if the Royals don’t continue to win. 

What the fans need to see now is smart baseball. Smart at-bats, hits with RISP, and homeruns. We’ve all seen how important homeruns are. 

You can attribute last night’s improved offensive performance to whatever you want. A new hitting coach, a new road trip, or a new sense of optimism from the players. Whatever the case, it’s something to build upon. A performance that could be the launching pad to the turnaround this team needs. 

Last night, the Royals got a miracle from the Baseball Gods. Now it’s time to return the favor, and start playing baseball. 

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