Finally, an Offensive Breakthrough

Last night, fans saw something from the Royals they’ve been waiting to see all year. Dominant pitching, and a productive offense. Danny Duffy had control of his pitches the entire night, and Alex Gordon fired up the offense in the seventh. 

Duffy has been questionable all year, with both good and bad outings. A dominant performance (1 H, 0 ER in 6 IP) against the St. Louis Cardinals was a promising sign. Duffy can and is developing into a quality starting pitcher. With some more work with Dave Eiland, he could move up to a #3 or #2 spot in the rotation within the next couple of years. 

The offense was finally able to come through for Duffy, as Gordon blasted a homer to right in the seventh. The Royals showed some promise in the first two games of the Toronto series, but it needed to continue to show any signs of legitimacy. 

More importantly, the Royals need consistency. We all know that pitchers aren’t going to be dominant every night, so it’s up to the offense to provide run support. We’ve seen that in a couple games this year, but it hasn’t been consistent. 

If this young team wants to fight back and have a chance in the AL Central, consistency is what they need. A consistent, run producing offense coupled with a commanding starting rotation is the key to success for this team. With April and May out of the way, the Royals can start to focus on winning. 

This offensive breakthrough was fantastic last night, but now it’s time to prove it wasn’t a fluke. Three games left to play in the I-70 series. A sweep would be nice. 

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