Vacation, Raul Ibanez, and the ASG

When you go on two consecutive vacations, return for a week, then leave for another two days, I have to admit that it’s hard to keep up with your work. Yes, I consider this blog work, because well, someday it will be.

In my hiatus from writing, I also took a brief hiatus from the Royals, as you can imagine. My trip to South Dakota was a success, and my trip to Branson was fun-filled with all of my friends. In all of that though, I simply forgot about the Royals.

Sure, it happens sometimes and we all need a little break, but now that I’m back, I almost regret it. The Royals are my team, and it sucks to know how poor they are doing right now. Maybe I should just go on another vacation.


When I saw that the Royals acquired Raul Ibanez, I almost lost it. The dude is 42, and an outfielder. The Royals already have about 20 outfielders, and what could Ibanez possibly offer at his age?

Of course, Dayton Moore said the age wasn’t a problem, and that he planned to use Ibanez in a multitude of ways. He made his first appearance Tuesday night against the twins, and fared pretty darn well. He’s even hit a home run. I’d say he’s been quite the acquisition.

What will be interesting to see, however, is how long he can produce, and how much he produces. He has a batting average similar to that of Mike Moustakas’ this year, and didn’t get much attention while playing for the Angels. I think the last time I even heard his name in a highlight was about four years ago.

Who knows though, Dayton Moore does have a pretty good track record with the old dudes he picks up.

With the All-Star Game just a week away, it’s disappointing to know that the Royals will have ZERO players representing them in the Mid-Summer Classic. Sure, the Royals have talent, but in a mediocre season nobody gets noticed.

For the Royals, this year isn’t about how many All-Stars they have though. I think it was clear 20 games into the season this was going to be just another year for this team. As the season is now halfway over, the Royals need to focus on one thing; winning.

4.5 GB Detroit and with series coming up against Cleveland and Detroit, the Royals have a perfect opportunity to both secure their current position in second (Cleveland is trailing them) and gain some ground on Detroit. A 3 game series at Cleveland and a 4 game series at Kauffman against Detroit means it’s time to buckle down and finish out the first half on a strong note.

Baseball is about taking advantage of opportunities, and this is one of the best one the Royals might have all season. With a decent record in June, it’s time to go even further in July and start playing like real contenders.

Check back tomorrow for a Cleveland series preview.

Happy 4th of July!


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