The Royals are like Bat-Wielding Llamas

Disclaimer: I’m still new at this whole blogging thing, so I apologize if it ever seems like I’m rambling on without ever actually saying anything. With that said, let’s talk about llamas. 

Last night, I said the Royals offense was like a pack of bat-wielding llamas. Now of course, I said this out of frustration and wasn’t really sure what it meant, if anything at all. After closer examination, I realized that llamas actually do describe the Royals offense quite well. 

Quoting the National Geographic website: 

Llamas are willing pack animals but only to a point. An overloaded llama will simply refuse to move. These animals often lie down on the ground and they may spit, hiss, or even kick at their owners until their burden is lessened.

That’s a pretty good description of the Royals offense, right? 

I’m not sure if the offense is “overloaded” by any means, but they certainly aren’t motivated to move at this point, as was evident in last night’s game. Granted, they were facing a very good Cory Kluber, but it was the second time they faced him this season. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t MLB hitters supposed to learn and adapt? I understand Kluber is having a fantastic season, and has great “stuff” as they say, but man, this offense was completely shut down last night. It’s a shame, because Danny Duffy was on fire, to make the situation worse. 

Last night, the offense did exactly what the llamas do. They laid down on the ground, and did nothing to fight for a win. Their only run happened because of a botched throw, and who knows if they would have actually scored had that botched throw not happened. 

Currently, the Royals do have a large burden on them. The pressure is on to win and stay in the playoff chase. What are they doing in response? Acting like llamas, laying on the ground, hissing, spitting, kicking and pouting away every opportunity they have to win games, waiting for that burden to magically be lessened. 

For those of you holding out hope that the Royals will be able to make the playoffs by way of wildcard, I wouldn’t hold out hope too much longer. Unless they turn things around and start producing runs, they won’t be winning many more games. 

This team is the epitome of mediocre, currently sitting just above .500. They’ve scored just about as many runs as they’ve allowed, and aren’t impressive at all. They may get lucky enough to win the same amount of games they did last year, but it won’t be enough to win even the second wildcard spot. 

Of course, I’m one of those fans that are still holding out hope, but it’s quickly fading. I’m just hoping they stop being llamas by the end of the Cleveland series. Maybe then things will change for this team. 

Until then, I’ll still look at them as just a bunch of pack animals. 

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