Blogging 101: Dream Reader

I’m an avid Tweeter, so of course my Dream Reader would simply be all of my Twitter followers. Journalism is a changing field, and social media has become a large part of it. Journalists use social media every day, and is a powerful tool for them.

When it comes to sports, Twitter is crazy. The fans range from bandwagon to pessimistic, and are the most inconsistent people on planet Earth. Twitter celebrities can either be highly liked or highly disliked, and which one truly depends on their followers, most of the time.

One specific Twitter follower I consider a “Dream Reader” is a fellow blogger by the name of David Lesky. He writes for PineTar Press, and is–for the most part–level headed. I’d say his opinions align quite well with mine, and I enjoy reading his material.

Arguably my biggest idol, Kansas City Star columnist Sam Mellinger is also one of my “Dream Readers.” Mellinger has worked for the Star for as long as I can remember, and his writing is excellent. I’ve often tried to model my writing off of his, but it usually doesn’t turn out too well.

I’ve been attempting to promote my blog for about the past month or slow, with the goal of eventually gaining a decent Twitter following. I’d also like to have a sense of clout with my fellow sports fans, and hopefully engage in meaningful conversation.

By the end of the year, my goal is to at least get the attention of my dream readers, and work my way into what I would consider the a coveted circle of people. Hopefully I get to accomplish that goal.

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