Blogging 101: Getting to Know the Neighbors

For today’s Blogging 101 assignment, I was tasked with discovering new blogs. I looked for interesting blogs, and ones that spoke to me. Here is the list. : In their most recent post, gnomy7 wrote about her experience with Wikipedia, which reminded me of high school. My teachers always told the class “Don’t use Wikipedia” whenever we were doing research projects. While I always listened to them, I still find Wikipedia to be useful. : Ah, yes. Traveling. It’s something I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and getting a chance to see what’s out there in the world before I explore is always fun. Flavia has some great pictures of some great places! : I clicked on Kevin’s blog because he responded to today’s daily prompt. He wrote about criticism, and the difference between brutal honesty and sugar coating. I’ve always been more of a brutal honesty type of guy. : Check out Zaida’s post about “Infused Water.” I’ve only tried it once with orange, and I’m still not sure what I thought about it. He found some really cool water bottles, and I might even buy one!

Exploring new blogs was a great task today, and I found some really great ones!

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