Royals resiliency paying off in postseason

The Royals have taken the first two games of the ALCS on the road against Baltimore, and will return home on Monday with a chance to secure a spot in the World Series in front of a raucous crowd at Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City is enjoying this wild, crazy, magical dream season, but the wins haven’t come easy in the postseason.

It began against Oakland in the wildcard game, when the Royals managed to come back from an 8-3 deficit, winning in extra innings. Salvador Perez would be the hero there, driving in the winning run on a single down the left field line that barely escaped the glove of Josh Donaldson.

The Royals moved on to play the best team in baseball, Anaheim, who fans thought for sure would take the series to five games. Quite honestly, I didn’t really think they had much of chance, but I’m glad I was wrong. Our pitchers shut down their high-powered offense, and we managed a few more home runs before sweeping the best team in baseball.

I’m glad Baltimore beat Detroit, because again, I didn’t really think the Royals would have a chance against Detroit. They owned us in the regular season, and I didn’t see any indications that it would be different in the postseason.

I guess the Royals didn’t have the same mindset I did, because they kicked some ass in the wildcard and ALDS. The Oakland game was the first true test of resiliency for the team, and they passed. Anaheim presented its own challenges, but they overcame those as well.

This team is full of guys who work hard, believe in themselves, and clearly are doing whatever it takes to win. They’ve often found themselves in sticky situations, losing in the later innings, only to be unfazed by the daunting task that lay ahead of them.

Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas showed up when the team needed them the most, and have really been the saviors of the postseason. Alex Gordon seems to be coming out of the slump he fell into during September, and Lorenzo Cain should have an island named after him, as well (that was a Darrelle Revis reference, in case you didn’t get it).

This Royals team continues to defy conventional logic, and never gives up. They’ve won four of their six postseason games in extra innings, and never seem to go away. They’re like that one cockroach you stomp on fifty times, only to watch it run away into the corner, unscathed.

Just like the fans, the team is currently in the middle of a dream season, and they’ve shown that they just don’t want to wake up from it. They fight, scratch, claw and homer their way back into games in their pursuit for the World Series.

The best part about watching this team play in the postseason is their determination and unyielding passion for the game. Their resiliency has kept them alive thus far, and probably will until they hoist the World Series trophy, bringing back the crown to Kansas City.

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