Week 15 Preview: Chiefs vs. Raiders

The Chiefs look to bounce back from their 3 game losing streak this week, as they face the Oakland Raiders in a rematch of that ugly Thursday Night Game that started this whole thing.

There was nothing glaringly bad about that last game against Oakland, except for the 14-0 deficit to start the game, and all the minor mistakes that led to the Raiders game winning touchdown drive late in the fourth.

The Chiefs were never able to get anything going on offense in the first half, which left them in a big hole to dig out of in the second half. The Raiders ran all over the defense, which helped Derek Carr manage the passing offense pretty well.

The woes continued against both Denver and Arizona, as again the offense struggled to put any sustainable drives together. The defense did what they could, but it’s tough to win a game without your offense. They have a chance to show up this week, and they’re going to need to.


1. Jamaal Charles: I don’t know where this team would be without Jamaal Charles. It’s evident the offense centers around him, as it should. He is a threat both running the ball and catching the ball, which makes him even more  of a playmaker. Andy Reid needs to feed the ball to Charles a ton this week.

2. Any Wide Receiver: The Chiefs still have yet to throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver. Jamaal Charles, Travis Kelce, Anthony Fasano, Anthony Sherman, and Joe McKnight are the only players to receive a touchdown pass this year. Dwayne Bowe is fading fast as a WR1, and there isn’t much depth on the roster. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get these receivers involved, but Andy needs to figure something out.

3. The offensive line: This is really where most of the offensive struggles stem from. If Charles isn’t breaking off 20+ yard runs, he’s getting stuck behind the terrible offensive line. Guys like Mike McGlynn are the reason Alex Smith has no time to throw in the pocket, which makes the situation worse. The Chiefs might be drafting an OL in the first round of the 2015 draft.

A couple of weeks ago, (I think it was the Oakland game) I tweeted that I sometimes question the coaching ability of Andy Reid, which is warranted. We’ve seen times when he has mismanaged the clock in big situations, and really just made questionable play calls. He can’t afford to do that this week.

If the Chiefs want to beat the Raiders and stay in the playoff race, every facet of their game has to be working today. Andy Reid can’t afford any coaching blunders, and minor mistakes have no place on the field today.

Revenge is sweet, and the Chiefs need some revenge today. The time is now or never, and I would really like to see them in the playoffs again this year. First, they have to take care of business.

If you’re heading out to the game today, be loud and proud, Chiefs Kingdom.

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