Weekly Wrap: State of the AL Central

I’m typing this while listening to a French vinyl record, so we’ll see how it comes out. I promise it’s Sunday, but this won’t be published until Monday. I missed last week’s edition for reasons I don’t recall, but hey, I can’t always be perfect.

For this week’s wrap, I’ll be taking  a look solely at the AL Central and the current standings. As exciting as that sounds, it probably won’t be. I still don’t know how I’m going to structure this, but hey, just play along with me. Alas, I begin.

1. Kansas City Royals 20-11

The Royals got off to a hot start at 7-0, but are just 12-11 since then. They’ve plateaued from their outrageous offensive numbers in that first week, but that was expected. Their skirmishes with Oakland and Chicago had a bigger impact that I think we all thought, and their starting rotation has kind of derailed just a bit. Things have calmed down since then, and it’s time to get back to playing baseball.

We all know the Royals are historically bad in May, but why can’t they change that this year? The Royals don’t face another divisional opponent until June, so we’ll get the chance to see how they fare against the rest of the league this month. If they can capitalize in the games they need to, they should be looking good heading into the All-Star break.

2. Detroit Tigers, 19-13, 1.5 GB

Okay, so Detroit is still the Detroit we’ve known for the past decade. They’ve managed to string together some impressive wins, even without Justin Verlander. Their high-powered offense is helping them win as usual, and the Royals will need to step it up a notch to keep pace with them.

I predicted the Tigers to finish second in the division, and right now I’m going to stick with that. This should be a fun division race to watch this year, and it’s going to be VERY competitive. I think both the Tigers and the Royals get back to the playoffs.

3. Minnesota Twins, 18-14, 2.5 GB

How ’bout them Twins? I don’t think anybody really expected them to be above .500 at this point, but hey, nobody expected much out of the Royals, either. I couldn’t tell you how they’ve been winning games, because I don’t watch them. What I can tell you is that if they keep winning, they are going to be a dark horse in this division.

I predicted them to finish last with a below .500 record (by like, 1o games) but if they keep up this recent trend, they could easily finish third in the division. I think they still have a ways to go before they reach playoff potential, but it looks like they’re making a step in the right direction.

4. Chicago White Sox, 12-16, 6.5 GB

The White Sox may have acquired more than half their team in the offseason, but they still have nothing to show for it. For some reason the national media was all over the White Sox this year, saying it was “their year” ….. yeah, sure. I’ve never had any faith in the Sox, and I’ve never liked them.

I predicted them to finish fourth in the division, and that’s where they belong. They just aren’t that good enough to sustain any sort of winning baseball, and it’s going to be their inner-division games that end up biting them in the butt. Sorry, Chicago. Maybe next year.

5. Cleveland Indians, 11-19 8.5 GB

Yikes. Talk about letting people down. I’m not sure what the heck is up with this team, but they shouldn’t be under .500 right now. With a reigning Cy Young pitcher and a somewhat productive offense, this team should be sitting at the top with the Royals and White Sox. Instead, their horrible defense has let them down big time, and they are dead last.

I had them finishing third in the division, and right now, I don’t know if they get there. This team may very well end up falling flat on their faces this year, unless they have a turnaround season like the Royals did last year. We’ve seen it happen before (last year) but I doubt it happens again. They need a miracle right now.

Welp, that’s where the AL Central stands just one month into the season. The Royals are off to a great start, but we’ll see if it’s sustainable. The old Royals fan in me is just waiting for the complete meltdown, but maybe the new Royals fan in me will take over.

You can semi-expect this AL Central wrap at the end of every month, but knowing me, it may not happen. Just hope for the best, and I will too. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment! I always appreciate some good ‘ole baseball discussion!

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