Blogging 101: Daily Prompt Response

Wow. This is the first daily prompt that I ever responded to, and it’s quite the prompt for a first time. Here it is:

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

There are a plethora of people I could ask, and an even bigger plethora of questions I could ask. But I suppose I would actually give it to….myself. Yes, myself.

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Blogging 101: Inspired by the Community

Yesterday, I linked to Flavia Lozano’s blog, which is about Flavia’s experience studying abroad in Italy. As I said in my comment yesterday, I’ve always been interested in traveling to different parts of the world. Getting to see a glimpse of what is out there is very inspiring.

I am currently studying French as a freshmen in college, but would love to get the opportunity to travel to France and actually experience the language rather than learn the language.

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Blogging 101: Dream Reader

I’m an avid Tweeter, so of course my Dream Reader would simply be all of my Twitter followers. Journalism is a changing field, and social media has become a large part of it. Journalists use social media every day, and is a powerful tool for them.

When it comes to sports, Twitter is crazy. The fans range from bandwagon to pessimistic, and are the most inconsistent people on planet Earth. Twitter celebrities can either be highly liked or highly disliked, and which one truly depends on their followers, most of the time.

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Blogging 101: Who I Am, and Why I’m Here

I’ve asked myself those two questions quite frequently over the past few months since I started blogging, and I’m not sure if I’ve found an answer yet. To introduce myself, the name is Tyler and I’m 18. (You can check out the about me page if you want.)

I have a passion for sports, and want to share that passion with other writers. My life goals include writing for The Kansas City Star, and maybe at one point moving to Chicago. I just want to make something of myself.

Twitter is my sanctuary, and I’m slowly learning the ropes of how to be an effective social media journalist. I’m also learning more about sports than I ever imagined.

The goal of my blog is to connect with other sports-minded people, and create a blog where people can interact and share the same (or refute) opinions that I have. I’m just a poor college kid trying to build a portfolio, and hopefully make some new friend in the process.

If you love sports, Kansas City, both, or neither, feel free to follow my blog, or leave some comments.