NFL Owners must remove Roger Goodell

It’s time for the NFL owners to take a stand.

In his latest blunder, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made a mockery of himself and the league, and created a controversy bigger than all of his others combined.

His mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident yet again demonstrates his incompetence, as well as his determination to protect his overly large ego that has no credibility.

Despite the mounting evidence against him and his story, Goodell stands behind it. He claims the league was “unaware” of any video existing, and if they did know about it, they never had access to it.

In a recent CBS News interview, Goodell says he reached out to law enforcement officials for the tape, but was denied. Yet when it comes to any other NFL ‘investigation,’ Goodell has somehow miraculously obtained all the evidence he has needed.

Now, the AP reports that the NFL did know the tape existed, the tape was sent to the NFL, and a voicemail confirms that the NFL knew it was sent to them. Still, Goodell and his convoluted mind are attempting to deny all of the facts.

No matter how much evidence is revealed against Goodell, none of it matters unless action is taken. We all know Goodell has no intention of resigning, meaning that the decision to remove him would be up to the owners.

The owners need to take a vote, and remove Goodell from office. During his time as commissioner, he has ruined the league’s reputation, damaged the reputation of other players, and cost the owners and the league money.

Goodell doesn’t care about his integrity, image or reputation. The only thing Goodell cares about is his money, which he made $44 million last year. He isn’t going to give that up willingly.

The time has come for the owners to take a stand and remove a commissioner that has proved incompetent of doing his job. He has taken the league and driven it into the ground, creating a multi-billion dollar corrupt corporation.

If the NFL wants to make a statement about their stance on domestic violence, the biggest stance they can take is to remove Goodell from office. I see that as the only outcome for this situation.

The NFL has the biggest spotlight on them in years for all the wrong reasons, and it up to the owners to make the right choice. Let’s all hope they do.