Adventures with FIFA

While I have really tried to update my blog regularly, I must admit that I have become really lazy since the end of the baseball season. The Chiefs left me with far too much to desire, and neither the Seahawks nor the Patriots interest me enough to write about them. Instead, I’m going to write about FIFA.

I don’t own FIFA, but I do have a demo downloaded on my PS4 (which you should buy, if you don’t have one). While I am not a fan of soccer at all, FIFA has certainly peaked my interest. I’d like to take this time to run through some of my favorite and least favorite parts about FIFA.

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Blogging 101: Inspired by the Community

Yesterday, I linked to Flavia Lozano’s blog, which is about Flavia’s experience studying abroad in Italy. As I said in my comment yesterday, I’ve always been interested in traveling to different parts of the world. Getting to see a glimpse of what is out there is very inspiring.

I am currently studying French as a freshmen in college, but would love to get the opportunity to travel to France and actually experience the language rather than learn the language.

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My Second ( and successful) Photoshop Experiment

This week, I continued to work on my header for my blog. This time, I used Adobe Photoshop and created the header that see at the top of the page. I’ve uploaded my previous one to this post, so you can see the difference. If you’d like to learn how to create a graphic like my new header visit this website. They’ve got some great tutorials.

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My Experiment With Adobe Illustrator

As you’ll notice, my blog is donning a new header. This was my feeble attempt at creating a banner for the first time.

I decided that just text for my banner didn’t look too visually appealing, so I opened up Adobe Illustrator and began to work on something. It took me about four days to come up with product you see above.

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