Series Preview: Chicago White Sox 4/23-4/26

It will be the top three in the pitching rotation this weekend, which bodes well for the Royals (assuming Yordano Ventura keeps his composure) as they take on a Chicago White Sox team that is still trying to find their groove after a very busy offseason. The White Sox sit at 6-8 and are underperforming based on their offseason acquisitions, while the Royals continue their hot start, sitting at 11-4 and atop the AL Central.

If you haven’t read any of my series previews before, heres how it will go: I’ll break down each game and their pitching match-ups and try to sound somewhat knowledgable, then give an arbitrary prediction that will be way out of left field. Sound good? Great, let’s go then.

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Weekly Wrap: Injuries, Bench Clearings, and HBP’s

It was quite the week for the Royals, as they kind of went off the rails for a bit. After starting 7-0, they struggled against the Twins dropping what should have been an easy series, and barely escaped three scuffles with the A’s. They’re now 9-3 and sit in second place, trailing the Tigers by one game.

Of course, the most talked about storyline will be the heated series against Oakland, but I’m not going to talk about that. The dust has (hopefully) settled and the team will continue their homestand with a three game series against Minnesota beginning tomorrow. They dropped 2 of 3 to the Twins earlier this week, and it will be the bottom three in the rotation on the mound this time around.

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Royals shaping new identity for 2015

One week into the season, and we’re seeing a Royals team we never could have imagined. They are 7-0, have sole possession of first place in the AL Central, lead the league in runs, and rank in the top 5 of nearly every offensive statistic.

Yes, it’s a small sample size, but it’s certainly unexpected considering that this same team ranked dead last in the league in home runs last year, and have hit 10 in their first 7 games this year. They are on pace to hit over 200 home runs, and while they most likely aren’t going to keep up that pace, the increased production is┬ápromising.

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Weekly Wrap: Nat’l Champ, Opening Day, and The Masters

In an attempt to gain some regularity on my blog, I’m starting a new series this week I like to call the “Weekly Wrap” (please, feel free to suggest something if you’d like). The idea is pretty simple: i’ll take a look at the entire week of sports, highlighting all the major happenings. While I’d like to say that these will be focused on one sport, team or issue, I can’t. Especially this week.

This was probably one of the greatest weeks of the year, as it played host to the NCAA National Championship, Opening Day, and The Masters. If that’s not a great sports week, then I don’t know what is. I’ll touch on all three of these briefly in the Weekly Wrap, but you can probably expect something more in-depth on at least two of them–especially The Masters–later this week.

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Welcome back, baseball.

Unfortunately, I was at work yesterday during the Royals game. Fortunately, FSKC replayed the game afterwards, so I got to watch it. While it was shortened for time constraints (They only showed the Royals on offense) it was still fun getting to watch this team back in action again. As Rex Hudler said during the broadcast, they simply rolled over their winning formula from last year right into this game, and added a few surprises, as well.

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