Weekly Wrap: Suspensions, Moose & Gordon, and Chiefs

Almost a month into the regular season, and the Royals are 12-6, a half game behind the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central. Of course, they could be at least tied for first had they not s**t the bed this weekend in Chicago for a rainy, brawl-filled series. They travel to Cleveland to begin a three game series tomorrow before returning to Kauffman to take on the Tigers for the first time this year on Thursday.

It was more suspensions for the Royals this week, as Yordano Ventura got 7, Edinson Volquez got 5, and Kelvin Herrera and Lorenzo Cain each got 2. Herrera’s 2 games are on top of the five that he was suspended for throwing at Athletics’ Brett Lawrie last week. That will mean a missed start for both Ventura and Volquez, and 2 nights of lost offensive production. Of course, all players will be appealing their suspensions, so there is hope that maybe Cain can get his reduced to just a fine.

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2015 AL Central Preview

Baseball is finally back. After the most exciting Royals season in arguably Royals history, the anticipation is running high. The Royals play their first spring training game against the Rangers on Thursday, and things are looking good for this team.

Ned Yost is doing interviews everywhere, Alex Gordon is running miles around the park, and Lo Cain and Sal Perez are playing jokes on each other. This still feels like it did in October, which is a great feeling. As Ned Yost said, this Royals team certainly has a certain “swagger” heading into 2015, and it should be a good season.

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