Weekly Wrap 6/1/15: Royals stumble through end of May

*Disclaimer: I wrote this on a plane ride to Florida, so it may or may not be very accurate, and/or very insightful. But hey, I had to give you something.

Just when we thought the Royals were going to cruise through the rest of May, they veered off the side of the road and right into a ditch. While trying to pull themselves out, the Minnesota Twins were speeding by, and have found themselves in first place, leaving the Royals 0.5 GB.

The Royals finished May with a horrendous road trip, getting swept by the Yankees and splitting a rain shortened two game series with the Cubs. The postponed game will by played the last week of the season, so let’s hope the Royals are playing a little better by then.

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Weekly Wrap: Suspensions, Moose & Gordon, and Chiefs

Almost a month into the regular season, and the Royals are 12-6, a half game behind the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central. Of course, they could be at least tied for first had they not s**t the bed this weekend in Chicago for a rainy, brawl-filled series. They travel to Cleveland to begin a three game series tomorrow before returning to Kauffman to take on the Tigers for the first time this year on Thursday.

It was more suspensions for the Royals this week, as Yordano Ventura got 7, Edinson Volquez got 5, and Kelvin Herrera and Lorenzo Cain each got 2. Herrera’s 2 games are on top of the five that he was suspended for throwing at Athletics’ Brett Lawrie last week. That will mean a missed start for both Ventura and Volquez, and 2 nights of lost offensive production. Of course, all players will be appealing their suspensions, so there is hope that maybe Cain can get his reduced to just a fine.

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Welcome back, baseball.

Unfortunately, I was at work yesterday during the Royals game. Fortunately, FSKC replayed the game afterwards, so I got to watch it. While it was shortened for time constraints (They only showed the Royals on offense) it was still fun getting to watch this team back in action again. As Rex Hudler said during the broadcast, they simply rolled over their winning formula from last year right into this game, and added a few surprises, as well.

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Billy Butler vs. Kendrys Morales: A brief comparison

It was shaping up to be a rather quiet Winter Meeting for the Royals, until they found a replacement for Billy Butler. They signed free agent Kendrys Morales to a 2 year, $17 million deal, including a mutual option for a third year.

Morales spent the 2014 season with Minnesota and Seattle, playing in just 98 games as a DH. He managed a .218/.274/.318 hitting line, with 8 homers. The Royals supposedly want to use a rotating DH next year, but Morales seems like more of a permanent DH.

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ALCS Preview: Royals vs. Orioles

The Royals are four wins away from a World Series appearance.

Go ahead, read it again. I had to.

After sweeping the Anaheim Angels in the ALDS, the Royals will now face the Baltimore Orioles in the ALCS, and look for their World Series appearance in 29 years. The Orioles also swept their ALDS opponent, the Detroit Tigers. That’s probably a good thing for the Royals, because they weren’t very good against Detroit in the regular season.

The Royals went 4-3 against the Orioles in the regular season, and these two teams are actually more similar than what you might think. There are a few glaring differences, but nonetheless, I’d say these teams are pretty evenly matched.

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