Adventures with FIFA

While I have really tried to update my blog regularly, I must admit that I have become really lazy since the end of the baseball season. The Chiefs left me with far too much to desire, and neither the Seahawks nor the Patriots interest me enough to write about them. Instead, I’m going to write about FIFA.

I don’t own FIFA, but I do have a demo downloaded on my PS4 (which you should buy, if you don’t have one). While I am not a fan of soccer at all, FIFA has certainly peaked my interest. I’d like to take this time to run through some of my favorite and least favorite parts about FIFA.

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Describing the Chiefs season in one word

It was a bittersweet end to the season for the Chiefs, as they took down division rival San Diego, but also missed the playoffs. Fans were scoreboard watching, hoping that maybe, just maybe, Cleveland and Jacksonville could work some magic.

Of course, it didn’t have to come down to the last week. The Chiefs went 3-4 in the last seven games of the season, after an impressive 6-3 start that included a five game winning streak. They were one game better than last year (2-5) in the last half of the season, but not as impressive in the first half as last year (9-0).

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Tough road to playoffs for Chiefs

Just when I start to think that blogging might just not be for me, I somehow always find a way back here to write something. It’s been almost a month, and a lot has happened since then.

Thanksgiving break came and went, and it was a nice week off from school. I ate lots of food, saw my family, and relaxed. Most importantly though, I ate lots of food.

Finals week is next week, but somehow this week seems to be more stressful than next week. I’ve had a presentation and two exams this week, followed by four finals next week. Why do professors insist on making our lives difficult? I haven’t found an answer, but if I do, I’ll let you know.

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Post-game reaction: Chiefs at Chargers

The Chiefs got back to .500 this week, after coming away with a last minute win against the Chargers, 23-20. Cairo Santos squeezed in the winning field goal as fans held their breath, and the Chiefs capped off an impressive hard-fought game. The Chiefs really needed this win, especially facing a St. Louis team next week that just knocked off the defending Champs.

Jamaal Charles became the franchise-leading rusher, which was pretty great. Andy Reid utilized him a lot more this week, which helped lead the Chiefs to their win. Charles is clearly the staple of this offense, and I’m glad Reid realized that this week after his coaching blunder in San Francisco.

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Week 7 preview: Chiefs at Chargers

It’s my first Chiefs post of the year, which makes me kind of ashamed of myself. Nonetheless, the Chiefs take on the Chargers today in an AFC West showdown as they try to rebound from a tough loss two weeks ago against San Francisco.

Andy Reid has a phenomenal record coming out of bye weeks (13-2), but the Chargers are red hot, riding a five-game win streak. Phillip Rivers has an arsenal of receivers to throw to, and is looking really good early in the season. They nearly lost to the Raiders last week, but that’s no indication of how they will play this week.

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